Quinoa Flour

Ready to Cook

Freshly Milled Gluten Free High Fiber Protein & Antioxidants No Preservative Quinoa Atta | Maintain Gut Health Weight Loss and Brain Function Enriched with Quinoa Benefits: Quinoa grain is gluten free and high in protein. It is one of the very few plants that contain a proportionate amount of all nine amino acids. Not only this, organic quinoa is rich in fibre, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and has many essential antioxidants.     Bodybuilding: Don't depend on multiple shakes and supplements for your muscle-building needs. Now your rotis can pack more protein than eggs. Flour that Boost your liver functionality. Full of mood and immunity boosting vitamins and minerals.     Multipurpose Flour: Quinoa flour gluten free can be used in numerous ways. You can make something as simple as a roti from this atta and also make delicacies like pancakes, pizza crust, bread loaf, etc.       Slow carb: with slower release of carbohydrates into the bloodstream, this flour provide sustained energy levels for hours. It also prevents spikes in blood sugar, thus preventing energy slumps     Promotes weight loss: Being rich in fibre, quinoa flour can keep you feeling full for a long time while controlling your appetite. It can also amp up your metabolism and lower hunger pangs to control the calorie intake


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